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BIT - University of Colombo School of Computing

Bachelor of Information Technology (External)

About the Course

This degree programme has been redesigned according to Policy Frame work for External and Extension programme introduced by University Grant Commission in 2010.The UCSC having the most advanced training resources and experience in Sri Lanka in the field of ICT training examinations, is leading towards the first-ever External Degree in IT in Sri Lanka. The University of Colombo will award the degree.UCSC provides a well-defined detailed syllabus that would help to lay a solid foundation on which, a student can build his career in IT. The syllabi will be constantly updated to meet the industry requirements. Model and past question papers, a list of recommended textbooks are provided to the students. In the year 2003, e-learning was introduced to the first year BIT students through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This was possible through the assistance given by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency). VLE assists the students in learning through self-evaluating quizzes, learning material and activities.Further support is given to BIT students through video content available on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/admtc) and LEARN TV.The expertise of more than 22 PhD, 05 MPhil, 10 MSc/MBA drawn from the University of Colombo, other Sri Lankan Universities and the ICT industry are associated with the programme, which makes the BIT a first in Sri Lanka to benefit from such expertise. Last year, more than 30 training institutes spread over the country currently offer training programmes for the BIT degree.BIT Programme is designed to:


Over 35,000 candidates have enrolled for the BIT programme since its inception in 2000 and the 17th consecutive Academic year is about to commence.

More About BIT

· produce qualified IT professionals through external mode in addition to the traditional University output.
·denable those who could not enter the university to read for a degree in IT due to severe competition to work towards obtaining such a degree University of Colombo School of Computing.
· set professional standards and encourage students to obtain skills in commercial IT applications and in the usage of necessary tools.
· A Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) will be awarded on successful completion of course examinations of the first year.
· A Higher Diploma in Information Technology (HDIT) will be awarded to holders of the IT Diploma on successful completion of course examinations of the second year.
· Degree Certificate (BIT) will be awarded on successful completion of year 1, year 2 and year 3 examinations and fulfilment of other requirements as specified in section .