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Aquinas Diploma in English

English Language Programme (Fulltime & Parttime)

About Course

This prestigious English Language Programme conducted by Aquinas University College is much in demand in Sri Lanka. The Department of Examinations in Sri Lanka recognizes it as one of the qualifying requirements to sit for some of its higher and professional examinations. More than 7,000 students enroll annually to obtain the Diploma certificate yearly to progress in their studies or career.This educational course is now conducted in Kurunegala, Kuliyapitiya and Pannala at JVI, which is situated in surroundings helpful to learning.

Entrance Requirements

Age limit: Any individual (students, school leavers, those in employment or unemployed) over 16 years of age
Minimum educational requirements: A simple pass in English Language at the G.C.E O/L
Entrance Exam: Applicants are required to sit for an entrance exam which will decide in what stage they could be placed.

Course Duration

A student's course duration may vary depending on the proficiency level shown at the entry point placement test.

Course Content

i. Grammar
ii. Comprehension
iii. Composition
iv. Spoken English with conversational practice
v. Literature using selected texts

Promotion Examinations

On the result of the examination that will be held at the end of each stage, students will be promoted to the next higher grade. Only students who have 80% attendance will be permitted to sit for the promotion examination. Those who successfully complete the final stage will be awarded the Aquinas Diploma in English.

Weekday Morning Intensive Course

Duration - 19th Sep to 30th Nov (03 months)
Tuesday to Friday 08:15am - 12:45pm
Commencement - 19th Sep
Application deadline - 01st Sep

Weekday Afternoon Intensive Course

Duration - 19th Sep to 30th Nov (03 months)
Tuesday to Friday 2:00pm - 5:45pm
Commencement - 19th Sep
Application deadline - 01st Sep

Weekend Morning Course

Duration - 16th July to 26th Nov (06 months)
Saturday & Sunday 08:15am - 12:45pm
Commencement - 16th July
Application deadline - 02nd July
Entrance Exam - 24th June

Course Structure

The Diploma course consists of four stages
  i. Foundation
  ii. Preliminary
  iii. Intermediate
  iv. Final

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